About the author

Meet Jessica Dodge, a proud independent author who seamlessly intertwines her passion for art with her gift for crafting magical realism tales. With her debut novel, "The Forgotten Witch," Jessica secured the number one spot in Historical Fantasy on Amazon's bestseller list.

Drawing from over 15 years of experience in the art industry and recognized as a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards, Jessica brings a unique perspective to her writing. Armed with a degree in Film and Media Arts from Maine Media College, she embarked on her journey to conquer the literary realm in 2022.

Why You'll Love This Book

The Forgotten Witch" invites you into a world of magic, mystery, and heartwarming adventure. With its rich historical fantasy setting in a quaint Scottish cottage, the book offers a unique blend of enchanting storytelling and strong, empowering female characters. You'll find yourself captivated by the twists and turns, celebrating the triumphs, and feeling deeply connected to the magic that lies within the pages. Perfect for fans of magical realism, this novel is a delightful escape that promises to enchant and inspire.

A Magical Journey for Every Reader

Whether you're seeking a heartwarming gift, a dive into magical realism, a strong female lead, or thrilling mystery and adventure, "The Forgotten Witch" has something for everyone.

Perfect gift for your beloved

The Forgotten Witch" is an enchanting and thoughtful gift that will captivate and inspire your loved ones with its magical and heartwarming tale.

For Strong Female Lead Lovers

Celebrate the empowering journey of Helen Kent, a strong and relatable protagonist who discovers her inner strength and courage.

For Magical Realism Fans

Dive into a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, bringing magic to life in a beautifully woven story set in a historical Scottish cottage.

For Mystery and Adventure Seekers

Embark on an adventure filled with twists, secrets, and mysteries that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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